“Thank you for all your wonderful work this week. This is such valuable, and much-needed work, for our school, and we are delighted that you worked with our community in so many important and effective ways.” -Parent of independent school student
“You opened my eyes to many new approaches to my teaching. I appreciate your positive spirit and your straight-on approach to talking about race.”-California educator (Museum of Tolerance)
“You have made such an impact here in short time. The faculty hold tremendous trust in you.”- High school administrator
“Thank you for the way you led, for without it, I believe the learning would have been impossible. Your historical and pedagogical learning are obviously profound, but it was also abundantly clear that you have done the personal work that seems to have put this learning in your bones. You were able to lead this group in a way that honored people’s experience, personally and culturally, but you, also, did not let comments slip by that risked eroding truth. You did not let claims that had the potential to disintegrate our confidence in the safety of the space go unanswered, but rather asked for clarification from the speaker or simply stated why it is so important that we ‘be careful’ with certain lines of reasoning. It would be my guess that your work is both exhausting and incredibly life-giving!”- Paula CT Sevilla, Dual-Immersion Spanish Elementary Teacher, Adelante Charter School
"I loved Emily's delivery. She encouraged sharing and feedback and told stories we could all benefit from and relate to."- workshop participant  (Anti-bias Approaches to Teaching about Human Rights and Global Issues)
"As a teacher who uses discussion in the classroom daily, I felt you listened and dealt with uncomfortable topics so well! This was a great way to spend a Saturday!"- workshop participant  (Anti-bias Approaches to Teaching about Human Rights and Global Issues)
"Emily was warm and engaging."- workshop participant  (Upholding Mutual Respect: How to Confront Meanness and Bias at School) 
"Emily is an excellent communicator. I appreciated her encouragement to participate."- workshop participant  (Upholding Mutual Respect: How to Confront Meanness and Bias at School)

"I hired Emily to create educational resources for a PBS television show in 2014. Emily was very easy to work with, incredibly detail oriented, and good at asking the right questions. We ended up with a great set of resources because of her insights and extensive professional knowledge. I would definitely work with her again and would recommend her to anyone seeking a freelance curriculum writer or editor." - Amanda Granger (Associate Director, Community Engagement at WNET New York Public Media)
“I worked very closely with Emily during her time at Teaching Tolerance and found her to be a highly creative professional with unsurpassed dedication to students and to social justice. Emily was a wellspring of out-of-the-box ideas and, because of her extensive classroom experience, she was able to craft her ideas into curriculum projects that were both highly effective and easy for teachers to implement. She was a dynamic and caring member of the Teaching Tolerance team and a tremendous resource for everyone who was lucky enough to work with her."  - Adrienne van der Valk (Deputy Director at Teaching Tolerance)
“I hired Emily as a fellow to work on a curriculum project. Within six months, she earned a permanent spot on the team as a teaching and learning specialist. She brings a deep understanding of instructional design and critical educational theory to her work, along with a passionate belief that education can change the world. She has a rare ability to dive deep, synthesize information and develop original new tools for learning."  - Maureen Costello (Director of Teaching Tolerance, a Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center)
"Emily and I were colleagues at the SEED Public Charter School in DC, where she taught social studies and I worked in student services.  From day one, I was drawn to Emily, because of her passion for justice, because of her dedication to leveling the playing field for all students, and because of her commitment to making our world more inclusive.  Not only is Emily an excellent teacher, but she is also a tireless advocate for the underserved.  In all the years I’ve known Emily, she has been involved in work that celebrates diversity, that empowers people to advocate for themselves, and that provides knowledge and skills to those who wish to join her in creating a more just society." - Roz Fuller (Senior Education Subject Matter Expert, Booz Allen Hamilton)
"Emily is an intrepid educator with a passion for social justice. I worked with her for several years at The SEED Public Charter School. She was a remarkable teacher who was sought out by both new and experienced teachers for teaching and curriculum guidance. While at SEED, she led the development and writing of the middle and high school social studies curriculum. Seeking to bring other cultural experiences to her students, she organized international student travel to Greece and service learning trips to Ethiopia. It was no surprise that Emily went on to work in curriculum development and teacher training for organizations like the Children’s Defense Fund and Teaching Tolerance, where her intellect, academic interests and drive for justice meshed perfectly with her love of teaching. Emily is a sharp and talented thinker with the skills to put her knowledge and creativity into action." - John Ciccone (President at Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy)

"In a very impressionable and uncertain time in my life, Ms. Chiariello’s effort and dedication helped develop empathy and portions of my humanity that seemed numb. While she was present in my life, I felt the lights in my mind cut on. Even now, because of her influence, the world looks and feels brighter."  - Michael Koonce (Class of '04 SEED Public Charter School of Washington, DC) 

"Emily Chiariello got me on board in high school when she started a Philosophy Club for students. This meant off campus visits to a café with sugary snacks and coffee! What I didn't know at the time was that she was making an investment in my future. I was learning the confidence to speak up for myself and others and to think of myself and others as real people with real power, that my experiences were important assets as I pursued my future. Some educators lack the ability to show students they see them as people, with their own experiences, points of view and learning abilities, rather than a number in a collection of performance data. Ms. Chiariello knew that we needed to be empowered, not saved. I'm grateful to have had Ms. Chiariello as an instructor and now as a friend, and I know that this relationship has persevered because she has always seen me as a person first and a student second."- Sophia Echavarria (Class of '04 SEED Public Charter School of Washington, DC)