publications & projects

training topics

  • Civil Rights Done Right: Essential Practices for Civil Rights Education
  • Can We? The Courage to Teach in a Polarized AmericaWe Can’t Talk About That. 

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pedagogy & philosophy

  • Effective social studies instruction prepares students for college, career and civic life by providing safe and structured opportunities to engage in civil discourse about important, even controversial, topics.
  • Comprehensive history education tells the stories of everyday people—locally, nationally and globally—especially those traditionally excluded from textbooks and mainstream historical narratives.
  • The rigorous social studies classroom is a space for critical analysis where students are required to evaluate claims, interrogate sources and question the status quo.
  • A strong social studies program integrates interdisciplinary, thematic and vertical planning to organize content and increase student engagement and comprehension.

areas of interest

thematic and interdisciplinary units; ELA/SS collaboration; humanities courses; teaching philosophy in middle and high school; teaching with primary sources; field trips; performance tasks; arts integration; world history; civics; technology integration; social action projects; teaching current events