“Education for for the good”— my goal is to make that vision a reality by promoting equity and supporting diversity with culturally responsive and academically rigorous educational practices. My trainings are designed to increase educator capacity by making diversity and equity central to professional development.

Click here for a list of training topics. Modules can be mixed and matched and offered as 90-minute workshops, 3-hour seminars or 1-2 day institutes. Let’s talk about creating a customized professional development plan for your school! 

pedagogy & philosophy

Effective professional development...

  • ...improves student outcomes by changing teacher thinking and practice. 
  • ...is job-embedded, practical and relevant to the everyday work of educators.
  • ...takes into account adult learning styles and preferences.
  • ...models good instruction that can be transferred into the classroom.
  • ...provides "try tomorrow" ideas and inspires ongoing learning.

areas of interest

workshops and trainings; cohorts; examining student work; job-embedded professional development; adult learning styles; professional learning communities (PLC's); self-paced learning; online learning; reflective practice; action research; teacher leadership