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publications & projects

training topics


  • Building Racial Literacy and Fostering Radical Friendships
  • Ask Me Who I Am Before You Tell Me What to Do: Identity and Culture in the Classroom
  • Intersectionality, Seeing and Being Seen at School
  • Recognizing Our Own Implicit Bias
  • Speaking Up to Bias and Responding to Hate at School
  • Boys and Girls: Gender Binarism, Sexism and Homophobia at School
  • Class in the Classroom: Wealth, Poverty and Learning
  • Why Talk About Whiteness?

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pedagogy & philosophy

  • All students have the right to feel welcomed, accepted and included as their full selves when they come to school each day.
  • Diversity describes our group memberships and the complex intersections of those identities including, but not limited, to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, national origin, immigration, socioeconomic class and age.
  • Respect for diversity extends beyond a celebration of heroes and holidays or the study of food and fabric to the collective exploration of diversity in the historical and contemporary context of privilege and oppression.

areas of interest

developing an inclusive classroom and school culture; working with families and the community to create welcoming schools; auditing and improving curriculum with diversity in mind; recruiting, hiring and supporting teachers of color; interrupting prejudice and stereotypes at school; discussing power and privilege with students and colleagues.