publications & projects

training topics

  • Culturally Responsive Curriculum Design Principles
  • Keep Talking! Creating Low-stakes Opportunities for High-stakes Conversations
  • Teaching about Race, Racism and Police Violence

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pedagogy & philosophy

  • Culturally responsive pedagogy can raise student engagement and achievement. 
  • A well-planned, student-centered lesson is the best classroom management.
  • Effective instruction is planned through a process of backward design.
  • Meaningful instruction models how to think, rather than tells students what to think.
  • "Half the curriculum walks in the door when the students do." (Emily Style)

areas of interest

culturally responsive curriculum; diverse text selection; Understanding by Design®; thematic and interdisciplinary units; teaching current events; differentiation; student voice; project-based learning; multiple intelligences; checking for student understanding; higher-level questioning; critical thinking; objective-driven instruction; student engagement; routines and procedures